Tips for Christmas climbing gifts


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Christmas is really around the corner, so we bring you an article that will be your guide to the best tips for X-mas climbing gifts this year! To make your choice even easier, we have neatly "boxed" all climbers into four basic categories...

Bouldering guys - Beta + Slack Print


Those who lock themselves in the climbing gym during winter months and are impatiently counting down the days until the start of the spring season, includes: indoor climbers, rope climbers, winch climbers, speed climbers, flying climbers, belay sitters and all their kinds


Those who just need a pair of climbing shoes, chalk bag and cleaning brush. No need of anything else, this include: passion boulderers, hard triers, technical tuners, jumpers and also chillers and lazy climbers, who are not so interested in the bouldering itself, but they like to watch others...


Definition of more difficult nature, but in a short: all fools for whom the winter simply does not exist! Moreover they often shout in a chorus voice: “the colder temperature the better condition!”


All others and the rest of you who couldn't fit the categories above. So randomly: the "combiners" of work, daily duties, family and kids care, dealing with all possible and impossible affairs, and so on. And what about climbing? “Come on! Where am I supposed to take the time for that, dude?!”

Chill out of everyday life - ESTRELLA hoodie

So we have order in those categories! It is important to remind that all the mentioned types above do not excluded combinations like workweek PLYWOOD CLIMBER + weekend FULL ON ENTHUSIAST as well as BOULDERER + representative of EVERYDAY PEOPLE. Or maybe you're trying to become an elite climber, so your “all-in-one combination” is pretty clear:

PLYWOOD CLIMBER + BOULDERER with strictly defined training plan for the best possible results + FULL ON ENTHUSIAST hitting the crags in every favorable forecast window + at the same time EVERYDAY PEOPLE sporadically showing up somewhere in civilian life to restock on chalk supplies or attend a socio-cultural events to discuss yours unfinished and still open projects with everyone!

Whatever type of climber you claim to be... it doesn't matter to us here in RAFIKI. We think of everyone and cover all your most demanding climbing needs! So what's it gonna be and for whom?

Will you pick something for your dear climbing half? How about: Rockland+Pitone+Sierra+Mandala.


The vast majority of all climbers, whether you want it or not, become plywood climbers during the winter time! Maybe you don't like winter climbing and freezing on mountain ridges, digging in the snow, jamming ice axes or kicking the crampons into frosty ice. Winter is not for everyone and we totally understand it!

Perhaps you made a decision to start your regular and more systematic training, because you are no longer able to climb in the rocks during winter months? Do you want to “kick it up” with effort, discipline and desire to push on through so that you will be in the best possible rock climbing shape right on time for spring season? (Whereupon you will find that all previous mental toughness and the “feeling for rock” is totally lost. The conversion from plywood climbing to real rock climbing also takes some time...)


You can start with a functional shorts LEAD II in which even the Czech national sports climbing team train! These shorts are made of quick-drying and extra durable material and you can choose from three great looking colours. But if you prefer a longer cut, try our functional trousers CRAG. Pants that we've fine-tuned so you can operate comfortably in them, even when you're having on a climbing harness and nothing will restrict you.

Martin Stráník at bouldering competition, where he "holds up" well in our LEAD II shorts!

To top off it, add the new ZONE T-shirt made from eco-friendly “Lenzing Modal” material. This is made of beech wood and the entire production has maximum sustainability and environmental protection mindset. Watch the video to see how this material is born under the hands of experienced workers from a small family company in Austria.

We know that sometimes it can get a little chilly on the climbing walls, so to keep your heated body warm, throw on a lightweight functional sweatshirt ASCENT made from “PolarStretch Grid” material that breathes, wicks away moisture plus sweat and still keeping you comfortably warm.

Adam Ondra at the World Cup in our "repre" version of very light and breathable ASCENT sweatshirt.


We know you like to be comfy and care about how you feel in your clothes. This is double-true when it comes to climbing! So test out our MURIEL cotton shorts, thanks to their more civilian look you will take them not only for climbing, but anywhere else to the city. Out of climbing pants, we can definitely recommend you cotton pants GEMINIS, so check out their thorough workmanship with attention to smallest details.

What to wear on top? How about a little day-dreaming during cold winter months spent on climbing wall and remember of sunny climbing days in Spain? For this case, choose a functional short-sleeved CHULLILLA T-shirt! Combination of 50 % bio-cotton and 50 % eco-material “Lenzing Modal”, so absolutely neutral carbon footprint!

For the more “wintery” girls, you want to layer it up a bit and throw on a functional sweatshirt LINYA which is made of “PolarStretch Grid” material. The clear advantages of this sweatshirt are its lightness, breathability, light weight, packability and of course – the warm effect!

If you want to make at least a little joy to yourself or to your fellow-climbers, add to your shopping cart a SCOOP chalk bag that will smile at you even on the gloomy winter days.

Girls on the rope - CHULLILLA + TARRAGONA


We are not forgetting all the avid and keen boulderers! The hot and fresh new is our two-piece bouldering crash pad GRADE! You won't be bringing this pad to the bouldering gym, but it's a TOP pick as the perfect Christmas present for all boulder enthusiasts!

A classic and stackable, two-part bouldering pad with a rug for cleaning your climbing shoes, “back-pack” system for comfortable carrying (including a removable waist belt), practical hand loops plus the option for changing the inner padding!

Load it up and “hide it” under the Christmas tree and you can be warmed by the look on this hilarious RAFIKI crash pad all winter long. And maybe…you will get you out for outdoor bouldering much earlier than you're used to. That you'd become the FULL ON ENTHUSIAST after all?! 

Another important piece of equipment is a big-sized bouldering chalk bag, we have a BISHOP with a roll-up closure and a steel buckle, so you won't just drop your chalk anywhere!

Honza Vopat testing the brand new two-piece RAFIKI boulder crash pad GRADE.


Let's start with the most comfortable option: BADAMI women's sweatpants. Sweatpants that will make you look great during the Christmas holidays with family relatives, but after that: go straight into action! We bet on the combination of comfort, design, and functionality, so you can expect to see every climbing foothold in these sweatpants!

If sweatpants are too casual for you, then check out our TOP hit: the CERRO climbing jeans. A combination of denim and other materials for maximum flexibility and freedom of movement! Trousers that are tuned down to the smallest details. Just the fact that you can put them on/off comfortably even when you're wearing climbing shoes!

If you're more into shorter cuts, check out the NOIA women's bouldering shorts with a wider “boy-fit cut” so you can fully lean into all your bouldering moves without any restriction!

Do not forget to add something on top as well! We have a clear favorite and that's the AKIRA women's singlet which is a tank top made of recycled polyester that wicks sweat very well and most importantly you don't get cold! When you will be thinking of the best possible “beta” in between your climbing attempts, add the extended sweatshirt MANDALA as a second layer. A sweatshirt with a length just “under the butt” and with a drawstring hoodie and a kangaroo pocket with sewed zippers, so you can hide all the necessary valuable items in it. Be sure not to lose everything during the bouldering session, like your locker key...we all know that!

Bouldering girls - NOIA + CHULLILLA


One tip that speaks for itself with its name alone: men's denim shorts BETA! Or try out the longer brother of these shorts – the TORRE denim trousers. The denim along with the used elastic material will give you flexibility and freedom, whether you're crawling around in 6A's or tuning up heavy 7B steps!

And if you want to experience the ultimate comfort and “feeling of the home couch”, try the DURGA men's climbing sweatpants. But do not forget: no Rafiki sweatpants are just for "chill out" and lying on the sofa, but you can also climb as hell in them!

Top it off with a SLACK RFK short-sleeved T-shirt made from 100% organic cotton. Clean look, comfort, simplicity, and three color combinations. This is our number one pick for men's bouldering T-shirts! To complete the whole bouldering set, we recommend the men's version of the kangaroo sweatshirt PANTERA.

So what to wear in the gym during all winter months? BETA+SLACK PRINT.


Now, let's go to you freaks! It doesn't matter if you're a winter outdoor boulderer, a rock climber or just wandering the crags looking for a new lines and directions to where you will put your climbing imprint very soon!

In this crazy category, you'll find the best pieces for use during the cold winter months for climbing in the “best crimpy condition”. Means: the perfect friction of granite, sandstone, limestone or whatever your eager climbing heart desires!

As the base, a HAULER 50 versatile travel bag will come in handy to stash all the climbing junk you haul out everywhere! We made the Hauler from durable fabric, plus it has a wide opening and is very easy to carry. It has got a bunch of goodies like removable shoulder straps, front pocket with a waterproof zipper, sturdy handles, interior mesh pockets and a strappy “daisy-chain” where you can clip on a climbing tape, keys or a bottle full of water. You pack the whole bag into its inner pocket, so it's perfect for any outdoor climbing trip!

Looking for the perfect climbing condition? We know you'll be sure to “knock a scythe” near the rocks so often! Then check out our new KARUN unisex insulation jacket in old-school flannel design. An excellent combination of style and functionality: combining a furry sweatshirt and a flannel shirt into one “shirt-jacket”. Simply insulated flannel you can't buy anywhere else! Feel it, test it on your own and you'll understand what we're talking about!

Sworn heartbreaking girls - KARUN jacket


For outdoor girls, one extra X-mas tip: the insulated climbing skirt AUTANA! We know that layering from the waist up is not a problem, but keeping your lower body warm is a bit more challenging! If you've ever belayed a partner in his winter project, you know hot it feels!

That's why we introduce you to wind-resistant rip-stop skirt made from “DuPont Sorona” a corn fiber that keeps you as warm as duck feathers, but you don't have to worry about getting wet the jacket easily. The skirt has a two-way YKK zipper, so you can keep it comfortably pulled over your harness and stay warm while your partner up top is the crux of the route!


Speaking of thermal comfort, the obvious “Christmas feather tip” are the warmest down jackets, women's MORENA and men's FUEGO. Rafiki down insulated jackets with 650 cuin made of high quality and certified duck feathers.

They feature two-way zippers so that you can comfortably belay or dress them in a climbing harness without having to take them off. Raised spacious pockets coated with microfleece inside. Anatomically shaped sleeves, an internal pocket for small items, a packing cover for folding, or a climbing grade conversion chart are found inside the jacket.

Simply a down jacket that will make you feel great during the winter, whether you're on the rope, boulder, or doing any other outdoor activity!

Christmas RAFIKI feathers! That is Morena+Fuego+Flynn+Fitz.

If you want to be extra warm! Wear a furry full-zip fleece hoodie men's HULK or women's TARIFA under the down jacket. These sweatshirts are made of brushed fleece with great thermal insulation properties. An absolute delight at first touch!

Also try our corny long-sleeved T-shirts as a base layer: men's PITONE and women's VIPERA. T-shirts made from a combination of silk and the eco-maize “DuPont Sorona”. A material so comfortable that you won't take it off (and not only because of its perfect warmth).

Sure, you'll put on some of the thermo-underwear, but what's the best way to feel great during climbing, but not cold at the same time? We've got the boys' cotton ROCKLANDS or the girls' SIERRA! Climbing trousers are made of twill material, whose main advantages are sheer elasticity and stretch!

No more restrictions in climbing or bouldering movements! Features such as ergonomically pre-shaped knees, a partially adjustable elastic waistband, two front + one back pocket or loop for a cleaning brush. For both the guys and the girls, we have four bright colors to choose from, so pick according to your taste and heart!

Sweetheart girls - TARIFA + SIERRA.


The last group are the “Daily Survivors”, which means ordinary climbing and non-climbing people. Something from every one of those who didn't go either on plywood or bouldering gym. And especially not to the real outdoor crags. Clothes for all of you who looking for comfortably daily feeling, but also take advantage of the technical features and functionality of outdoor sports models.

Let's get started with shirts! These are coming back into fashion. When you combine great functionality and cool design, they are versatile wardrobe pieces for all kinds of activities. The VIRAGE men's shirt combines all the parameters to serve perfectly as a second layer of clothing. A medium-weight flannel shirt with a comfortable “Regular Fit” cut and two really good color designs. At RAFIKI we have known for a long that shirts are not just a men's thing, which is why we are adding also a women's version MOJARRA shirt!

But if the shirt is not your cup of coffee, check out the stylish boy sweatshirt TRAVERSE and ESTRELLA for girls. Lightweight and breathable sweatshirts made of organic cotton enriched with elastane, which gives them excellent flexibility. Contrasting hood and design sleeves. Put it on and treat your body wherever you go!

You can also throw on a lightweight jacket and our tip for a “soft Christmas gift” is the men's down jacket FITZ and the women's down jacket FLYN II – jackets with a minimum of 30% DuPont Sorona fibre, which is made from corn husks and is environmentally and eco-friendly. The upper part of the down comforter is made of “rip-stop” material, which has a water-resistant treatment. The jacket comes with a transport bag (found inside) and the whole may be fold up quickly like a sleeping bag and can serve you as a pillow under the head in the car or public transport.

Would you like Christmas RAFIKI feathers? On the photo FUEGO insulated jacket.

The second to last tip is the women trousers ASIS and the ARAN trousers for men. Although they are primarily climbing jeans, they are suitable for any outdoor activity or for everyday use. Wear them to work, for a walk in nature, evening night out or other social events. They fit greats and we know you'll feel totally comfy in them. Recommended by all ten of ten fingers!

To fix your taste and improve winter mood, check out the CAMP unisex beanie. Simply a cap that has style in three different color combinations.


GRADE crash pad + LINYA hoodie.


Don't spend the whole holiday at home in front of the TV, but run out with your friends to the nearest hill or at least go sweat out some Christmas candy at the nearest climbing wall our bouldering gym! Test all RAFIKI's rags, whether in your immediate vicinity or even in more distant places, if that's where your climbing heart accompanying all your life's steps goes...

But above all, enjoy every moment to the fullest! We can't wait to meet you in the crags or elsewhere in the world of vertical playground and adventure!



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